July 12, 2011
It’s easy to become ungrateful, isn’t it? Life is so full of blessings that we can find ourselves drifting into complacency, developing a case of ‘blessing-blindness’.

For two years now I have been actively – by which I mean often and with gusto – petitioning God to provide some outlet for my writing.  He has answered that prayer, and recently in greater measure. I promise you I started out being grateful, but as time passed, the gift lost its shine in the daily grind of life.

Earlier today I was moaning to a friend about ‘having to’ fulfill my obligations.  The gift (being able to do what I had asked to be able to do) was feeling like work. Her reply was like an open window in a stuffy room: “but that’s your passion”.

Oh.  Right!  So true.  Four words transformed an onerous obligation into the privilege of doing something I love.  It’s all in our perspective, isn’t it?  Is changing the seventh diaper of the day a bother, or is it your life-long dream lived out? How about the paper work involved in being a doctor, or lab technician, or teacher? Are you able to perform those duties with gratitude for being able to do what you love doing, or do you mutter about what a waste of time it is?  Can you look at your husband with love and appreciation, or has he become just one more person to tidy up after?

Please don’t feel guilty for having the occasional funk.  We all have bad days... heck, bad seasons. However, it is important to accept the truth that while God gives us many things, He doesn’t do all the work for us.  The gifts we’ve been given require some input at our end, but with the proper perspective we can see that as a privilege, not simply an obligation.


  1. Once a passion or a hobby turns into an obligation, we have to play by a different set of rules. No longer are we free to 'create' at our leisure or inspiration, but at the command of the outside forces that we have freely submitted to. We pray for a gift, yet many times what we see in that gift is the wrapping and not what lies beneath the paper and bows. Once unwrapped, it is the same gift for which we prayed, but God, as always, provided much more than we asked.

    God has given you a gift and in giving you this gift he is now asking you to serve him in this capacity using what he has given you, no matter how you feel. A gift cannot be appreciated until the wrapping paper and bows have been removed and the contents revealed. Now go, and make good use of that gift, for it would not have been given to you unless he thought you could serve better him in another capacity, or with another gift.


  2. Oh so true! How many times have I asked for something, received it, and then complained? I feel like the Israelites just after they walk through the sea on dry land. After being set free after hundreds of years in captivity, they complain because they're hungry, wishing they were back in Egypt saying "at least in captivity we had food". Thanks for the reminder to be thankful and grateful in all times and seasons.



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