March 11, 2011
Readers may soon realize how much I am learning from one of my favourite women, Catherine Doherty. Born a wealthy baroness, Catherine was much much more than that in life. She spent time with, and was one of, the poorest of the poor, and she has left an infinite amount of wisdom behind.

I steal some more of her insights today, from a letter entitled “The Nature of Man and Woman” from Dearly Beloved v.1. I am specifically focusing on her statements about the nature of a woman. If I may, I’d like to turn this into a poem:

Who Is Woman?

Woman “is eminently fitted to be a helpmate and a companion to man”.

Woman “provides a deep and profound intuitiveness and interiority, which is contemplative by nature”.

Woman’s motherhood “should flower into the making of a home”.

Woman “functions emotionally, but in a more spiritual sense of the word”.

I am woman.

Give that another read through.

Words that struck me were 'intuitive', 'interior', 'comtemplate' and, 'emotional'. I love how emotional is defined very clearly so that we don’t hear it in the terms we so often do.  It feels like maybe there should be more said here, but I think in fact that one line from Catherine is all that needs to be said.

How precisely these key words define us women. How few of us know it!

After reading the above more than a month ago, I’ve really embraced these words and, well, pondered them (yes it’s a cheesy word but it’s true!!) I do interiorize (is that a word? nope; made it up) much; small things to my boyfriend may be deep and profound to me. For example, the idea of reading Bible stories to children not yet in the picture is a big deal to me, but not to him.

In the past I may have thought, “Oh, ok. Maybe I am wrong to think this is so important." But no! I contemplate things. It is who I am. "And Jaclyn," I tell myself, "this is OK! You are made to work like this."

I AM an emotional being, not that I cry all the time or have ups and downs. It is deeper, much deeper than that. It is hard to put into words, but I think Catherine did a good job capturing this: ‘a spiritual sense of the word”. I feel it, but cannot put words to it. Something perhaps like a deep connection with our souls.

I have much still to learn!

Submitted by guest writer, Jaclyn
Jaclyn is 29, working as a scientist for a cancer pharmaceutical company in Ottawa, Canada.  She believes that some of the shortest periods of her life, those spent at Madonna House Apostolate, have had the largest impact on her everyday life and have helped to shape how she views herself as a woman.  Jaclyn is still very connected with Madonna House.

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  1. Beautiful reflection.

    "Woman... functions emotionally, but in a more spiritual sense of the word." I love this. What a great depth there is to this sentence. So much to ponder.



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