January 8, 2011

So I was fighting my way through the mall in between Christmas and New Years, and happened upon one of the 'middle-of-the-road' stands - a woman surrounded by beauty products was holding out samples of a hand cream. Thinking it was food of some sort, my husband dragged me over and the sales lady started into her schpiel. I tried the cream which felt good, not greasy but clean yet moisturizing for my dry 'winter' hands.

And then....then took out the 'magic' buffer. She told me to figure out which nail was the worst for breakage. I picked one of my nails that was the worst for ridges and breaks, and she showed me the easy three-step buffing process followed by some cuticle oil.

Ok. I am one of the last people in the world to get sucked into this kind of schtick. I do not paint my finger nails on a regular basis because I don't like the way it feels. Not to mention the second the polish goes on, a few chips come out of it. I also spend exactly 3 seconds on my nails every 2.3 weeks - enough time to make sure my nails aren't ragged and catching onto my clothing.

So you can imagine my genuine surprise and shock when she finished buffing and out popped this shiny, sparkling, smooth, pretty-looking nail!! I stood there with a goofy grin on my face. This product will amaze you. It literally looks as if you've spent a load of time filing and clear coating your nails with glossy polish, and the best part is there is no chipping or nail staining and the glossiness lasts for 2 weeks - when you can re-buff again for another two weeks of fabulous nails.

I have given manicures to my sister and mom and they both were so pleased with the result. My mom giggled like a little girl.

Apparently buffing the ridges out of your nail bed helps to keep your nails stronger - and so far I've found it to be true. My nails are notorious for ripping, tearing, breaking, getting caught on things like fridge doors, and all but being ripped out of their beds altogether. In two weeks there has been a noticeable difference, and I am very pleased with the results. I bought the "Milk and Honey" scent which is very light and agreeable, but there are a few other scents from which to choose. The buffer also has a lifetime guarantee - so I'll be taking the company to task if anything goes wrong with it. 

The kit cost me $45 CAD with tax (pricey in my mind, although their first sales pitch is a bit higher) and comes with the buffer, cuticle oil, nail file and hand and body cream. The products are said to contain high mineral content combined with plant and vitamin extracts - but I just like them for the shiny nails.

Here is the American website for these folks - but if you're interested, email us at thefemininegift@gmail.com for more info about where I found this kit in Southern Ontario, Canada.

**As a small addendum, it's been two years since I bought this kit and the buffer, while still useable, has been wearing out.  I contacted the company and asked for a free replacement, which they are sending me.  Suffice it to say I have been really pleased with this product and this company.  


  1. After a very high pressure sales pitch in which the salesman kept dropping the price I succumbed to buying the Premier Beautifying Nail Kit from a mall kiosk. When I got home I logged on and found that I could easily have purchased a kit for 40% less than the "discount" price I paid at the mall. I planned to return the kit to the mall and buy one online. To my dismay, I discovered that the receipt says NO REFUNDS. They know they are ripping you off and cover their butts with this policy. I went back to the mall and got a song and dance but no movement at all on refunding the difference or even giving me another product to make up for the overcharge. My advice: NEVER buy from a mall kiosk!

    1. Do you know, I have never seen them again...not at that mall, or any other. Sketchy...

  2. Hello, I am in charge of the social media for Premier of the Dead Sea here in North America. I wanna say thanks for the great blog on our nail kit! I had some one direct me to this page telling me that you were the one who sold them on purchasing our product. We love when things like this happen. Also remember kiosk at malls are distributors- if you are interested in our products for the best deal and tips , Please contact us! http://www.premierdeadsea-usa.com/home.html

  3. Hi ! It is funny, I had a quite similar experience as thefeminegift last automn. It was in a mall in my hometown in Germany when I was also "dragged into a high pressure pitch" as "anonymous" put it. I usually never ever stop at any of mall kiosks or buy something from this kind of distributors and I do not spend much money on cosmetics either, but I somehow was in some kind of special mood when she started to talk to me, grabbed my hand and polished my nail. And I was SO amazed. And she managed to sell me two kits - one as a gift for my mother or a friend she told me. And the product convinced me so much I still keep the second one!



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