January 27, 2011
Have you ever dithered over which box of tissue to buy? Have you ever teased yourself because the decision takes far longer than it ought, considering the box and its contents are all disposable? Do you feel like the choice you make is a revealing one, making a statement about who you are... maybe things that you don't know about yourself, but every visitor to your home will glean from the little cardboard box sitting on your counter, or on the back of the commode?

Women are drawn to beauty. I think this is because our hearts and minds work in tandem. That melding of feeling and thinking makes us sensitive creatures - which can be negative when allowed to be self-centered, or positive when grounded in a strong life of faith. That sensitivity disposes us to seek God, who is True, Good, and... you got it... Beautiful. We recognize Him in the beauty around us, and when we cooperate with Him, the things we make can be beautiful too.

I just watched a documentary called The September Issue. It's about Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, and her staff, putting together their largest issue of the year. She makes hundreds of decisions every day, intending with each one to make her magazine the best in the fashion industry. At one point, we see her walking through the venue of an award dinner sponsored by Vogue before the event began, making sure everything looked just right. It looked absolutely stunning - sumptuous colours and fabrics reminiscent of the middle ages. With her usual eye for detail, she spotted two big white buckets of ice behind the red velvet-draped drinks table. She asked the bartenders if the ice couldn't go under the table. No, the cloth covers the table all the way around. Couldn't the ice go in the back, out of sight? No.... every event they cater, they have the exact same set up. Anna calmly and quietly insisted to the person in charge (a male event planner) that the ugly buckets of ice had to go. "We can't have that," she said, "we've worked so hard to make this look just right. We can't have those awful buckets sitting there like that." You would have thought the same thing, wouldn't you? "How pretty it all looks... too bad they used those ugly buckets for the ice."

The utilitarian ice buckets in the midst of that visual feast were a discordant note. People (including men) notice those little touches, even if they aren't aware of being aware of it. The same is true in our homes, which is why some of us decant our dish soap into pretty glass bottles. We keep the lovely pots and jars on the bathroom counter, while the ugly plastic tubes and tubs are stashed under the sink. I won't buy a perfume unless I like the bottle it comes in, and I gravitate toward certain household cleaners because of their packaging. (I'm partial to Method.)

Whether you've got the chops to host your own show on HGTV, or you haven't a decorating bone in your body, and regardless of your own taste, style, or preference, you smooth out the rough edges in your home. You infuse your home with peace, because you seek the Beautiful.

And that is why the Decision of the Kleenex Box can take such a long time.


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